Sport Bra Celebrate Bronze CajuBrasil

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Type: Bra
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Top Celebrate S/M/L

ATLANTA: Ketten / Strong elasticity / Sun protection

79,41% Polyamide / 20,59% Elastane

* Removable pad

* Casual looks;

* Comfort;

* Dry- Mode technology

LUNA: Nice touch / UV protection

88,6% Polyamide / 11,4% Elastane

Commercial: Top Celebrate with removable pad, closed neckline, produced in fabric with shining yarn that was made in Ketten machine, with elastane, ensuring a strong elasticity and form. The fabric still counts on sun protection, perfect to be used in casual looks, like going to the gym or outdoor training. The piece keeps a superior part of the bust in Luna, fabric highly technological, developed with texturized polyamide microfiber which provides nice and comfortable touch in contact to the skin. The Luna fabric is using the concept of Dry- Move that classifies itself like a perfect one for sportive practices, being great for trainings in the gym and outdoor.